A magnificent imperial “famille-rose” Dish



This is a magnificent imperial famille-rose dish featuring a plum tree overwhelmingly stretching upward. Dotted with intricate gnarls, the twisted root vigorously swirls up, taking a persistent and dauntless stance. Surrounded by foliage close to the root, two peonies were designed in perfect concert with each other, one in shy bud and the other in glamorously full blossom. Diversified plum blossoms are interspersed among the sprays, foiled by the red, pink, white petals, and the iron-red and purple-red ganoderma lucidum vivaciously outgrows on the trunk. The plum flowers pattern symbolizes an artistic beauty that is, consistent with traditional Chinese art appreciation view, summarized by three words: “space”, “concentration” and “antiquity”. When it comes to the prunus aesthetics, Chinese often combines the formal beauty of the prunus itself with other surrounding objects, thus creating an aura of aesthetic beauty and exuberance. Artistic conception defines the inner sensation, rhythm or echo that is triggered by the objective scenes. Like attracts like. The surrounding objects alike are extraordinarily tinged with detached poetic and pictorial splendor.
According to Chinese philosophy, human ethics and natural law are intercorrelated, and in substance closely and harmoniously linked to each other. The consonance for achieving the harmony between the human world and nature is thus to be found. Prunus, as one of the distinguished flora representatives, was created in this form that incarnated the valuable attributes of imperial porcelains.

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