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Particular Shapes of Glass Vases

Particular Shapes of Glass Vases
With an astonishing design combined with an affordable price, it is hard not to look for glass vases as a major decorative material. Normally, there are more than 5 classes of vases being sold in the market today, but what separates glass vases among other types is their natural beauty that can be enhanced through thorough cleaning combined with careful designing methods. When it comes to weight, glass vases are known to be lighter which means that they can be easily transferred to any place in your house without having some major problems. Although a glass vase gives a number of advantages to its owners, it is a very delicate object since it is easily broken compared to others. Other than its vulnerability, glass vases do not have any other major disadvantages attached to them.
Among all the features that glass vases have, the most important is variety in shapes. Typically, vases are made to contain flowers and other plants. With this being said, glass vase manufacturers have made several shapes of glass vases in order to cater the needs of owners as well as to cater different sizes and designs of flower arrangements. One of the most common shapes of glass vases is the trumpet. From the name itself, trumpet vases derived their shape from the popular musical instrument. Usually, trumpet glass vases are found on restaurants and other establishments that give food and beverage services. With its long and slim shape, trumpet glass vases are good for containing flowers such buttercups, spearworts and other long stem types.
For flowers that have medium-sized stems like anemones, a sphere-shaped glass vase is the best thing to use. Normally, this kind of vase has a wider body since it forms a round shape. The unique part of a sphere-shaped vase is its small opening which can bind the flowers intact even with its round shaped body. Aside from containing flowers, sphere-shaped glass vases can be used as a container for other things and stuffs such as coins, keys and more.
Flowers that have slim and long stems are usually being put in bottle-shaped glass vases. The design of this kind of glass vase is merely like a drinking bottle with a long neck and a not-so round body. Since it has that kind of shape, you can use this bottle-shaped glass vase as an alternative container for different kinds of liquid if you do not have any flowers to contain.
When it comes to short and cut stems, it is desirable to use a low pan glass vase as its container. Unlike others, this kind of vase needs supporting materials in order to properly contain the flowers while maintaining its balance.

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