Pet Dog Crate Training


Pet Dog Crate Training
Having a new pet can be a new adjustment. You may have bought a new dog that has already been trained or you might just have a new pup where you have to start training from the very beginning of its life. If you aim on crate training your pet, then you must have the time and the effort to do so. Here are few pet crate training tips to help you by.
You need to introduce your pet to its new crate. If you are going to find a place for the crate, make sure it is position where most of the family members spent a lot of time together. You need to have it very inviting for your pet and very comfortable. You need to set up the environment to be welcoming, put treats and let the pet investigate the crate area to make him familiar with it. Praising your pet or giving it treats when investigating the crate may encourage it to stay on the crate.
When you place your dog’s food and water on an area closer to the create, then your pet may get used to always having access and spending more time on the area, thus it and develop a good progress along the training. Along the training, your dog will get closer and closer to the crate in a situation that the pet has instilled in its mind that food can be very accessible if he stays in the crate. Or you may even just feed your pet when it is on the crate already. By this the pet may already be staying on the crate for few minutes or so.
If you want the pet to spend a longer time on the crate then you might as well just confine him on the crate for short time when it develops a comfortable feeling eating on while on the crate. You may call you pet to go on the crate and give it an executing command to entering the crate like “inside” or “to the crate”. Once your pet did well, you need to reward it by giving treats, praising or rubbing its belly.
In the training process, you may extend your dog’s confinement time each day up to a point that the pet will be used to it. There will be time that it whines, do not let your pet out of the crate when it continues to whine. Discipline is also a major key here. If done in a successful manner, then you may have the ease of leaving your pet crated while you are away from home.

Thursday, February 28th, 2013 Article